Medicinal herbs lexicon

What the app offers

Medicinal herbs and medicinal plants offer the benefit of your own health and that
Well-being with natural means and without having a positive effect on medication.
The medicinal herbs lexicon offers a comprehensive and good
with over 100 entries Assorted reference work on natural plants and their healing properties.
In addition to a precise description of the plant (alternative name, plant family,
Appearance, active ingredient, lifespan, occurrence, collection time) are healing effects,
Areas of application and types of preparation listed in detail.
Images and videos can be viewed for this purpose. When entering certain complaints
and symptoms, the right medicinal herbs and recipes are found.
The entries for the warnings and side effects should be read before taking must be observed. The application can also be used in offline mode.
A medicinal herb memory game is integrated as a special feature. is happy to receive your suggestions for improving this app and
tries to implement this as soon as possible.


Over 250 medicinal herbs with their extensive descriptions


74 / 5000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Over 160 symptoms for finding the right medicinal herb for complaints
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Medicinal herbs lexicon
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